Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial?

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial?

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial?If your divorce proceedings are contentious, you may be asking yourself, “Will my divorce case go to trial?” This can be a scary proposition for some. But our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys are here to help, no matter the situation. Whether you are in a contested or uncontested divorce, contact our office to schedule a free consultation and discuss what works best for you.

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial? | Court

If you’re here and considering a divorce in New Jersey, you might be wondering if you actually have to go before a judge to get divorced. Generally speaking, we try to avoid that at all costs. We believe it is better for you to make the decision for your own divorce than some stranger in the black robe. However, there are times that you might have to go before the judge, especially if you don’t agree or the matter is hotly contested.

If you cannot come to a resolution on your matter, a judge will be required to do that. However, under the vast majority of circumstances, we don’t need to do that. The only time you’ll go before the court is the day that you’re actually going to get your divorce and then only to assure the judge that you understand the process.

Will My Divorce Case Go to Trial? | Choosing an Attorney

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a divorce attorney in New Jersey. One of the things that you might want to look for is someone who you can trust, who has the experience, and who has the ability to be available to you when you need them. After all, if you can’t get in touch with your attorney when you have a problem, what good is that attorney?

One of the problems people have is that their interests aren’t adequately represented in court. You need to be able to communicate with your attorney and trust that your attorney is listening to you. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is having an attorney that doesn’t listen to you or that ignores your calls or is not responsive. That could add months and months of time to your case, which would also drive up the expenses.

Are you thinking about leaving a marriage and have questions about going to divorce court in New Jersey? Contact New Jersey divorce attorney Bart W. Lombardo for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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