When Your Child Refuses Visitation

Do you have to pay child support when your child refuses visitation in New Jersey? New Jersey divorce attorney Bart Lombardo explains in this video.


Do I have to pay child support if my child refuses to see me?


If you’re here, you might have some questions regarding child support in New Jersey. One of the most difficult things a parent can come to me with is if they have to pay child support when they don’t have a relationship with their child.When Your Child Refuses VisitationObviously, that’s a heart wrenching and detrimental experience for the parent to go through. On top of that, to be asked to contribute to a child that potentially wants nothing to do with you is devastating. The courts do recognize that, and the courts do allow, in some circumstances, to not have to pay support for a child who wants nothing to do with a parent. Generally speaking, those cases involve contribution to college, when a child is old enough to make a determination as to whether or not they know what they’re doing when they say they don’t like mommy or they don’t like daddy.

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