Spouse Paying Divorce Fees

Do you need help from your spouse paying divorce fees? Watch this video to see how you can have your spouse contribute to the divorce fees in New Jersey

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Can we get my spouse to pay for the divorce?


If you’re considering divorce in New Jersey, one of the questions you might have is, how am I going to afford an attorney when the spouse is the one who earns the money? The answer to that is quite simple. As your attorneys, we can petition the courts to have your spouse advance the money on your behalf for our retainer.Spouse Paying Divorce FeesThat money will be advanced in place through the court system to come to us, to help defray the cost of your legal fess going forward. At the end of the divorce, the court or through negotiation, we will determine what portion of that attorney fee award will be attributable to you and what part will be attributable to your spouse.

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