Reduction of Alimony

Are you paying alimony and have questions about how to reduce your payments? Watch this video to learn more about reduction of alimony in New Jersey.


What can I do if my alimony payments are getting reduced?


If you’re here, you might have a question concerning the reduction of alimony in New Jersey. One of the things that you might want to consider when being faced with such a motion is if that reduction is based upon a reduction in your spouse’s income.Reduction of AlimonyIf it is, there are several factors that we have to consider in making a defense to that application. One is how legitimate is the reduction of your spouse’s income? That will be questioned by the court. If the court finds that your spouse is willfully reducing their income in an effort to reduce paying alimony, the judges will not look kindly upon that and will likely maintain your alimony award at the current level.

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