Questions Regarding Child Support

Questions Regarding Child Support

Questions Regarding Child SupportThere are several questions regarding child support that you will have when you and your spouse go through a divorce. Our New Jersey family law attorneys can help you get through this difficult time and make sure you can reach a peaceful agreement. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated and compassionate attorneys today.

Can Child Support Be Enforced from Out of State?

If you are living in New Jersey with your child or children, you would then file in New Jersey to obtain child support from your former spouse, even if your former spouse isn’t living in the state anymore. This is because the New Jersey courts have jurisdiction over the arrangement, regardless of where your former spouse is currently living. You’ll have to find where your spouse is located so they can be properly served, but the State of New Jersey can and will exercise jurisdiction to make sure that child support is collected on behalf of your family.

How Can I Terminate Child Support?

The courts will require you to pay child support so long as your child is not emancipated. Emancipation is a legal concept that generally means the child is outside the sphere of influence of any particular parent. For example, if they’ve gotten married, completed college, or gone into military service, they could be determined to be emancipated. There are a multitude of factors that courts will consider in order to determine what an emancipation event is. Generally speaking, however, you should be prepared to pay child support until your child at least graduates college.

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Can Child Support Be Waived?

In New Jersey, the child support rights are not yours; they are your children’s, and they are designed to protect and provide for their needs. While you might be able to provide for those needs on your own, you as a parent are not able to waive the rights of your child with respect to child support.

Will I Pay for Child Support for a Child Who Doesn’t Want Contact with Me?

One of the most difficult things a parent can come to our office with is if they have to pay support for a child whom they no longer have a relationship with. Obviously, that’s a heart-wrenching and detrimental experience for the parent to go through. On top of that, to be asked to contribute to a child that potentially wants nothing to do with you is devastating. The courts will recognize that and, in some circumstances, will not issue payments for a child who wants nothing to do with the parent. Generally speaking, these cases involve contribution to college, when a child is old enough to make that kind of determination.

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