Out-of-State Divorce

Do you need help filing for divorce with a spouse who lives outside of New Jersey? Watch this video to learn how we can help with an out-of-state divorce.

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How do I get divorced from a spouse who lives out-of-state?


If you’re here, you’re probably considering divorce in New Jersey. One of the questions you might have is, if your spouse lives in another state, can you get divorced in New Jersey? I had a situation just the other day where a client of mine resided in New Jersey, but their spouse lived out-of-state with the children.Out-of-State DivorceThat’s a big caveat. If your spouse and children reside outside of the state, most courts will generally want to adjudicate your divorce in the state where the children reside. However, if you have no children or the children reside with you in New Jersey, you can absolutely file and get divorced in New Jersey without your spouse being here.

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