Non-Payment of Alimony

Is your ex not paying court ordered alimony? Watch this video to find out how New Jersey divorce lawyer can help you recover non-payment of alimony.


What can I do if I’m not receiving alimony payments?


If you’re here and have a question regarding divorce in New Jersey, one of the issues that you might be faced with is your spouse not paying alimony. One of the things that you can do to assure that alimony gets paid is to notify the court by way of a motion.Non-Payment of AlimonyYou’ll be asking a judge to take this order and enforce it against your spouse who is not paying alimony. Judges can take multitudes of steps to make sure that you get your money, including putting a levy on those person’s assets by garnishing their wages, or you may elect to have probation monitor and administer your alimony award, whereby probation would be the collecting party, and they have the ability to actually take people who don’t pay and put them in jail.

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