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Ending your marriage, whether tumultuously or amicably, can be very upsetting for everyone involved. We know that this is not something that you planned or something you wanted to do, but here you are. Your struggle is understood. New Jersey divorce attorney Bart Lombardo is here for you when you feel completely lost in the midst of all that is going on. It is important to have an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney on your side.

Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

New Jersey Divorce Attorney NJ Family Lawyer Free ConsultationDivorce can fall into two categories; “at fault” and “no fault”. With the help of an attorney you can determine which of these categories you fall under. Upon figuring out which category your case belongs to, you will then determine the grounds for divorce in which you are filing.

For no fault divorce, in New Jersey, this means that the divorce is, as it sounds, no one’s fault. It typically ends up being a more amicable divorce and will most likely be a less costly process. There are few reasons as to why you might be able to file for a no fault divorce. You and your spouse might recognize that there is no chance of repairing the marriage and you decide that you will live apart. If this time where you are no longer sharing a residency lasts 18 months or longer, you will be able to file a no fault divorce. That is an example of separation. If you have not spent this time apart, but still concede that the marriage needs to end, you have the option of filing for no fault divorce under the grounds of irreconcilable differences. The one qualifier is that you must confirm that six months has gone by without improvement to the quality of the marriage.

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If these situations do not apply to you and your spouse, you are likely going to be looking at an at fault divorce. While it may seem frustrating to have to choose an option that requires litigation, it is ultimately the right path if you are suffering with any of these situations. An at fault divorce requires that hardships have existed in the marriage for some time. Here are example of grounds for an at fault divorce:

  1. Your spouse has cheated on you and you have proof that it happened or that it most likely did.
  2. Your spouse has abandoned the home, meaning they have been missing for over a year.
  3. Your spouse is abusing drugs and has been for over a year.
  4. Your spouse had been in jail for over 18 months.
  5. Your spouse has been in a mental institution for more than 24 months in a row.

You can certainly discuss your own circumstances with a New Jersey divorce attorney to determine how you can file and what your particular grounds for divorce are.

Divorce with Children

If you and your spouse have children together, you may already know that this divorce will take more time. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes issues arise between spouses that makes decisions for children harder to make. You need to figure out child custody and child support; both difficult matters. If there is no chance that this will be an amicable decision, your case very well may end up in litigation. Needing litigation can take more time and money. It is so very important that you have an experienced attorney who you can trust if you have children involved in this divorce. More than ever, you will want to feel supported. Having a competent attorney defending you can mean all the difference.

New Jersey Spousal Maintenance

If you have done any research into divorce or know someone who had one, you may have come across the term “spousal maintenance”. If that term is not exactly familiar, you may better recognize the word “alimony”. They are the same thing.

Not everyone who goes through divorce will have to figure out spousal maintenance. If there is a significant income difference between spouses, child care involved, or other circumstances that would have one spouse better off financially than another, you will most likely have to figure out spousal maintenance.

What Happens to Your Assets

A huge stressor in divorce is dividing up assets and property. It is not as frightening as TV and movies make it seem. You don’t have to take everything you have ever owned and cut it right down the middle. Your assets will be divided in a fair manner. New Jersey follows the guidelines of equitable division meaning that things will be divided equally. That does not mean your worst fear comes true and you say goodbye to half of your pension. It means that you will be dividing this in a way that is proportional to what you have. For big things like cars and your marital home, you will most likely keep your own car if it is under your name, and you may have to sell your house and share the profits equitably. It will all be unique to your situation. All of this can be further discussed with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney in a consultation.

Schedule A Consultation with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Finding the right attorney can be rewarding. Your journey with this person may be a long one and you may be required to deal with them often, so liking your attorney is great. They will be the one who you turn to for help throughout the entire legal process. During a consultation with an attorney, you should interview them to see if you think they will be a good fit with you.

Ultimately, you need to trust them with your case and have confidence in their abilities to fight for you. New Jersey divorce attorney Bart Lombardo has a decade of experience in divorce cases and will be dedicated to your case. Please call our office today to arrange a consultation. We look forward to taking your call.

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