Marital Home Purchased Before Marriage

Worried about the fate of your marital home purchased before marriage? Our New Jersey divorce attorney explains what you need to know in this video.

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What happens to the marital home that was purchased before marriage?


If you’re here, you’re probably considering divorce in New Jersey. I had a client the other day that came into their marriage with a house that they had owned previously. They even went so far as to move their other spouse into that home during the marriage.Marital Home Purchased Before MarriageNow that they’re getting divorced, they’re very concerned with what happens to that house that belonged to them. In New Jersey, that house would remain the property of the spouse who initially owned it. They had that before their marriage, and that would be their home. Now, if their current spouse contributed to the home in some way, by for instance putting an addition on the home, that spouse would have a claim to some portion of the house, but not the whole.

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