Grandparent Rights

Are you unable to see your grandkids because of a volatile divorce? Watch this video to find out how we help protect grandparent rights in New Jersey.

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What are grandparent rights?


If you’re here, you might be going through a divorce in New Jersey or have questions about a divorce process in New Jersey. One of the issue that comes up often are the rights of the grandparents of the children in question. Generally speaking, grandparents have rights independent of the right of their son or daughter going through a divorce.Grandparent RightsIf as a grandparent, you’re deprived the right to see your grandchild or grandchildren, you can ask the courts for permission to see them over even the objections of your son or daughter, and certainly over the objections of our son- or daughter-in-law. Generally speaking, courts will grant a grandparent the right to have parenting time with the grandchildren.

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