Fathers Custody Rights

Are you a father preparing for divorce and have questions about fathers custody rights in New Jersey? Watch this video to learn more.

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Do courts favor the mother in child custody situations?


If you’re here, you might be considering divorce in New Jersey. You might also be a father who is concerned that the courts of New Jersey favor moms over dads in a divorce process. I can assure you that under New Jersey law, that is not the case.Fathers Custody RightsEach parent has an equal right to parent the children. The courts are guided by a principal called the best interest of the children going forward, and the courts will look at what each parents’ contribution to that child or children are and they’ll make sure that the kids receive the benefits from both of you. Courts recognize that it’s just as important to have a dad as it is to have a mom, and that is going to be the driving force behind any court’s decision and in fact any decision we would make jointly for your children.

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