Explaining Child Support

Explaining Child Support

Explaining Child SupportIf you have questions about child support or custody rights in New Jersey, please contact our experienced family law attorneys today. Explaining child support laws can be difficult if you don’t have a knowledgeable lawyer to guide you. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and have all your questions answered.

Explaining Child Support | How is It Calculated?

If you’re here, you might have questions about child support and how it’s calculated under New Jersey law. The courts will consider various factors in child support and how to calculate it. Two of the most important ones being the incomes of both parties, and the parenting time that both parties have. Those work in conjunction with each other, meaning the more income you have, generally speaking, the higher the child support payments you’ll be required to make or will be receiving for the benefit of your child. Similarly, the more time you have overnight parenting time with your child, the more you should expect to receive for the benefit of your child because the higher your expenses will be.

Explaining Child Support | Can it Be Waived?

In New Jersey, the child support rights are not yours; they belong to your children, and they are designed to provide for the needs of your children. While you might be able to provide for those needs on your own, you as a parent are not able to waive the rights of your minor child with respect to child support.

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Explaining Child Support | Will I Have Difficulties Collecting It?

In New Jersey, there are a couple different methods by which you can collect money that that parent has not paid for the benefit of their children. You can have probation administer your child support case. That is the least expensive to you because you’re allowing probation to enforce their child support order. If the obligating parent does not pay, probation has the ability to go and actually have this person arrested, and brought before a judge, and get money out of them for support of your child.

Explaining Child Support | How Can I Enforce It?

If you’re here, you may have a question regarding collecting past-due support from a spouse or an ex who’s not paying you. You have the absolute right to take that spouse or that ex back to court. Generally speaking, support awards for child support and/or spousal support are court orders. Your spouse is violating a court order by not paying; they could be subject to arrest, incarceration, and they could have their assets seized to satisfy the money they owe you.

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