Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses

Domestic Violence Criminal OffensesUnder New Jersey state law, there are several domestic violence criminal offenses covered under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991. Here is a list of some of the crimes as they pertain to domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses | Assault

Assault is defined as attempting to cause serious bodily injury or knowingly or purposely causes injury with indifference to human life; recklessly causes bodily harm with a deadly weapon or points a firearm at another person.

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses | Lewdness

Committing a flagrant lewd (sexually offensive and lustful) and offensive act which is intended to be observed by a non-consenting person with the intention of being alarming.

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses | Harassment

Harassment includes making communication at inconvenient or persistent times, uses offensively coarse language, or intends to cause annoyance or alarm; subjects another person to striking, kicking, shoving, offensive touching, or threatens to do so; engages in any alarming conduct or repeats acts with the purpose of alarming or annoying another person.

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses | Sexual Assault

Criminal sexual contact is defined as using force, coercion, or control over another person to sexually touch or be touched by the victim for the purpose of degradation or humiliation of the victim or for the sexual arousal or gratification of the actor.

Domestic Violence Criminal Offenses | Stalking

Purposefully or knowingly engaging in conduct directed at a specific person that causes them to fear for their safety or the safety of a third-party person or causes the victim to suffer emotional distress; charges are escalated if the stalking is in violation of an existing order of protection.

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