Divorce Mediation

If you are choosing to end your marriage, divorce mediation can speed up the process. Watch this video by our New Jersey divorce lawyer to learn more.

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What is divorce mediation?


If you’re considering divorce mediation in New Jersey, you might want to know what the pros and cons of mediation are. Mediation can be less expensive and quicker than a traditional divorce. However, normal divorce mediation processes don’t allow for parties to have attorneys with them at the time.Divorce MediationThat creates a situation at the end of the mediation, when both parties might want their decision reviewed by their attorney, to unravel all the work that you’ve done. If you are considering divorce mediation in New Jersey, I would highly recommend that you have an attorney with you throughout the entire process, not just the end.

Are you or a loved one thinking about leaving a marriage and have questions about divorce mediation and if it’s right for you? Contact New Jersey divorce lawyer Bart W. Lombardo for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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