Collecting Child Support

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How do I collect back child support payments?


If you’re here, you might have some questions about obtaining back child support from a former spouse or parent of one of your children. In New Jersey, there are a couple different methods by which you can collect money that that parent has not paid for the benefit of their children.Collecting Child SupportYou can have probation administer your child support case. That is the least expensive to you because you’re allowing probation to enforce their child support order. If the obligating parent does not pay, probation has the ability to go and actually have this person arrested, and brought before a judge, and get money out of them for support of your child.

Also, you have the ability to go to court yourself. You can hire an attorney and have them represent you in the court to tell the judge that the parent of the child is not paying what they’re supposed to pay. That judge also has the authority to have an arrest warrant issued and/or to levy assets to be used to satisfy any unpaid amounts.

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