Child Support Issues You May Face

Child Support Issues You May Face

Child Support Issues You May Face

Child Support Issues You May FaceIf you are going through a contentious divorce and children are involved, there are a few child support issues you may face. It helps to have an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney by your side to mediate the process and make sure a peaceful negotiation is reached. If you have any questions, please contact our office today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Child Support Issues You May Face | Calculating Payments

The first challenge that your lawyer will help you handle is the initial phase of calculating child support. This is something that is calculated by a program. It will differ based on your income, the number of children in your household, as well as the other party’s income. All of that gets put into the program and it spits out a number. This is not necessarily the final number. There can be petitions if one party is unhappy with the agreement. This program is not without its flaws. There are variables that it does not necessarily take into place such as vacations, sports, specialized medical needs, etc. All of this will be considered before a decision is reached.

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Child Support Issues You May Face | Who Receives the Payments?

You must first decide who the custodial parent will be, which is decided during its own phase of a divorce and possibly requires further litigation. Once that is decided, the custodial parent will be the one who receives the payments. The other party will be responsible for making the payments.

Child Support Issues You May Face | Modifying Payments

You can seek to modify these payments down the road. If your spouse gets a promotion, or you lose your job, you are going to need to go back to your lawyer to discuss how to change the child support payments. It will be recalculated and from there, you will have a new payment plan. You may also need to modify or even end child support if the child(ren)’s living situation changes. If they go away to college, move into an apartment, or are emancipated, that will all affect (or end) child support.

A huge part of a lawyer’s job is making sure that their client receives payments. An experienced New Jersey child support lawyer will know exactly how to enforce the payments of child support if you are not receiving them. Bart Lombardo realizes that this is a very stressful situation and it can put a strain on your life while you are waiting for your spouse to make a payment. He will work hard to get you your payments.

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