Parenting Time

Spending time with your children is the most important thing. Find out how parenting time is established in a New Jersey divorce.

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What are typical parenting time schedules in New Jersey?


If you’re here, you’re likely considering divorce in New Jersey. If you’re a parent, you likely have questions about how much time you’ll get to spend with your children throughout the divorce and at the conclusion of the divorce. There is a concept in New Jersey called parenting time, which is exactly like it sounds.Parenting TimeIt is a schedule of time where you and your spouse would agree that the children are going to be parented by each one of you at any given time. That’s not to say you’re completely cut off from your kids when it’s not your parenting time on the schedule, but rather the custodian of the children would change between you and your spouse and generally, how you and your spouse agree, either every other day or on alternate weekends, or anything that works as a unit for the both of you.

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