Out-of-State Child Support

Are you trying to collect out-of-state child support from your ex? Watch this video to learn how our New Jersey divorce attorney Bart Lombardo can help.

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How do I collect child support from a parent who lives out-of-state?


If you’re here, you might have questions about where to file if your child’s parent does not live in New Jersey. If you’re living in New Jersey with your child or children and you’re seeking child support to be paid, you would file in New Jersey against your former spouse or partner to obtain child support.Out-of-State Child SupportThe New Jersey courts have jurisdiction whether or not your spouse or former partner is located in New Jersey because they have jurisdiction over the child. Surely, you have to locate and find where your spouse is so they have proper service, but New Jersey can and will exercise jurisdiction to make sure that child support is collected on behalf of your child or children.

Are you or a loved one getting divorced with children and have questions about collecting out-of-state child support? Contact New Jersey child support lawyer Bart W. Lombardo for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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