How Long Does Alimony Last?

Going through divorce and have questions about alimony? In this video, New Jersey divorce lawyer Bart Lombardo answers “how long does alimony last?”

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How long does alimony last in New Jersey?


If you’re going through a divorce in New Jersey and that divorce involves the question of alimony, one of the sub-parts to that is, how long can I expect alimony to last? That is determined upon the length of your marriage.How Long Does Alimony Last?That is by far the biggest factor in how long alimony will last. There has been a recent enactment of a statute in New Jersey which provides that alimony for a marriage up to 20 years cannot last longer than the marriage. Generally speaking, courts have interpreted that to mean less than one year of alimony for every year of the marriage. If, however, your marriage lasted longer than 20 years, it would reasonably be expected that your alimony award will last until the paying spouse retires.

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