Extracurricular Activities and Child Support

Going through a divorce and have questions about how extracurricular activities and child support are handled? Watch this video to learn more.


How are extracurricular activities handled in child support?


If you have a child in New Jersey and you’re going through a divorce or separation, you might be considering how extracurricular costs associated with your child’s lifestyle are going to be handled going forward.Extracurricular Activities and Child Support The courts in New Jersey always have the best interest of the children paramount, meaning if your child is presently in dance lessons, or swim lessons, or plays sports, the courts will do everything that they can to make sure that your child or children continues those activities. They don’t want the kids to pay the price for your separation and that’s a pretty good thing.

How that gets paid for is an entirely different question. Usually, the courts will apportion the costs of these activities based upon you and your ex-spouse’s respective incomes, meaning if you make 10% of the income, generally judges will say you pay 10% of that extracurricular expense.

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