College Expenses

Are you going through divorce and have questions about how your child’s college expenses will be handled? Watch this video to learn more.

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How are college expenses handled after divorce?


If you’re here, you might be considering how to apportion college expenses throughout a divorce, with respect to your children, in New Jersey. The apportionment of college expenses is generally based upon each party’s ability to pay. Courts will require an examination of everyone’s income and determine who has earned and in what capacity have they earned to be able to contribute to the child’s education.College ExpensesIn addition, the courts will look at the child themselves. If you have a child that excels in sports, for instance, but might not be the scholarship recipient based upon their grades, courts will look at what type of institution that child is seeking to apply to. Are they looking to apply to a more sports-oriented school to obtain their goals, or are they looking more to an academic-type institution, which might not be suitable for them?

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