Child Support Modification

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How do I modify my child support order?


If you’re here and you’re an obligor for child support in New Jersey, you might want to know how to change your obligation to pay child support. There are several different factors that come into it; the most common one is if you’re not making as much as you used to make. The courts have the ability to and often do modify child support awards based upon your present income.Child Support ModificationIt’s important to note, though, that you’ll have to prove your case. They’re not going to take your word that you’re making less; you’ll need to establish through pay stubs or tax returns that, in fact, you are making less money, and judges do have the ability to impute income to you if they think you’re voluntarily making less money. It’s important to note that, if you’re going to seek a modification in your child support, you need to have the documents to support that modification readily available.

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