Calculating Child Support

Going through a divorce and have questions about how the courts go about calculating child support in New Jersey? Watch this video to learn more.

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How is child support calculated in New Jersey?


If you’re here, you might have questions about child support and how it’s calculated under New Jersey law. The courts will consider various factors in child support and how to calculate it. Two of the most important ones being the incomes of both parties, and the parenting time that both parties have.Calculating Child SupportThose work in conjunction with each other, meaning the more income you have, generally speaking, the higher the child support payments you’ll be required to make or will be receiving for the benefit of your child. Similarly, the more time you have overnight parenting time with your child, the more you should expect to receive for the benefit of your child because the higher your expenses will be.

Some people ask me, “What if my spouse or the parent tries to hide income from me to reduce my child support that I’ll get for the benefit of my children?” The courts have the ability to credit income to that spouse. They cannot willfully be underemployed or willfully quit their job and expect to have them benefit from that rather unprincipled decision.

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