Calculating Alimony

Going through a divorce and have questions about how the courts are calculating alimony payments in New Jersey? Watch this video to learn more.

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How do I calculate alimony payments?


If you’re here, you might be going through a divorce in New Jersey. One of the issues you might be considering is how alimony payments are determined. Alimony payments are determined based upon a multitude of factors. The simplest of which to discuss here is your income. Your income is by far the most important factor in determining what type of alimony award would be set in your particular case.Calculating AlimonyGenerally speaking, the greater the disparity of your income, that party will be paying a portion of their income to the other spouse. In New Jersey, that portion is determined by many factors, including the length of your marriage, your lifestyle, your ability to support yourself, and your spouse’s ability to continue to support him or herself going forward.

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