When going through divorce, you may be paying or receiving alimony for a set amount of time. Watch this video to learn about Alimony in New Jersey.

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What is alimony in New Jersey?


If you’re here, you might be going through a divorce in New Jersey. One of the issues that you might be faced with is alimony. Alimony in New Jersey involves several factors that need to be determined before a judge or even your attorneys can work out a proposition that works for both of you.AlimonyOne of the main focuses of alimony is if there is a disparity in your income. An income disparity means one spouse might be making significantly more than the other spouse. The more significant that disparity, the more likely one spouse will pay alimony to the other spouse. In addition to that, the length of your marriage is also a big factor in determining alimony. The longer your marriage, the more likely you will receive an alimony award and the longer that alimony award may be for.

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