Alimony for an Unemployed Spouse

Are you worried that you will have to pay alimony for an unemployed spouse? Watch this video to learn how our New Jersey divorce lawyer can help.

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Will I have to pay alimony if my spouse doesn’t work?


If you’re considering a divorce in New Jersey, you might have some questions concerning the payment of alimony to a spouse who doesn’t work. In New Jersey, someone’s ability to work goes into determining alimony, but so does the lifestyle that you had during the marriage. In most situations regarding the ability to work, courts are going to look at how both of you lived during your marriage.Alimony for an Unemployed SpouseFor instance, was one spouse a stay-at-home parent that took care of the children? If that was the case, you can reasonably expect that a judge will order the other spouse to pay alimony to the spouse that stayed home and had forgone their career in an effort to further the marriage by taking care of the children.

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